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Starting with a comprehensive nutrition and wellness consultation and using a holistic approach, I evaluate your overall wellness and formulate a plan to help you live a more functional lifestyle.

A thorough lifestyle assessment is completed during your first visit and includes:

In-Body Testing ~ by Measure of: machine
1. Body Composition Analysis:-
    a. Body Weight is the sum of Total Body Water,
    b. Skeletal Muscle Mass protein,
    c. Muscle Mass protein,
    d. Bone Minerals and
    e. Body Fat Mass.

2. Muscle:- Fat Analysis

3. Segmental Lean Analysis:-
    Evaluates whether the amount of muscles is adequately distributed in all parts of the body.
    Compares muscle mass to the current weight.

4. Segmental Fat Analysis:-
    Evaluates whether the amount of fat is adequately distributed throughout the body
    Compares the fat mass to the ideal.

5. Weight Control:-
    Target Weight, Weight Control, Fat Control and Muscle Control.

6. Basal Metabolic Rate:-
    "BMR" is the minimum number of calories needed to sustain life at a resting state.
    "BMR" is directly correlated to Fat Free Mass.

7. Obesity Analysis:- BMI (Body Mass Index) and PBF (Percent Body Fat)

8. Visceral Fat Level:-
    Dangerous accumulating fat around organs linked to Adrenal glands.

Full Health Consultation:
Many chronic issues are the product of poor nutrition. Implementing a sound diet, built around quality foods and natural whole food nutritional supplements, can help improve body composition, weight management, exercise performance, energy levels, and overall health markers. By establishing sustainable habits, healthy, life-long nutrition is possible!

pH strips
Other Testing:
1. Hormone Balance Test
2. Candida
3. Blood Sugar Imbalance
4. The Thyroid & Weight
5. pH Test
6. Blood Pressure

What I look at and take into consideration?
1. Existing Eating Habits
2. Medications
3. Physical activities

candida Recommendations I make for one’s specific needs?
1. Cleansing and Detoxification of colon
2. Candida Cleansing
3. Supplementation of relevant vitamins and minerals depending
    on one’s needs.
4. Giving a suggested eating program of one’s specific needs to
    reach the goal.

Follow-ups Consultations:
1. Every 2 - 4 weeks – (As Needed)
2. In-Body Weigh-in
3. Client feedback report with eating program
4. Progress Report