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Designer Health focuses on helping people achieve their ultimate health and wellness.

Through our expert and caring Nutritional Therapy, we deliver our excellent service with sound and proper nutrition advice, throughout Pretoria, Gauteng.

Our service is all about benefiting you. Through consulting with you on an individual basis, we put together a detailed, tailor-made nutrition program. One that specifically supports your individual health-needs.

Nutritional Therapy is comprised of mainly whole foods, and targeted supplements when necessary and appropriate.

This mentioned combination ultimately helps reduce the underlying causes of long-term illness, such as:
   ~ Inflammation,
   ~ Impaired immune responses,
   ~ Hormonal imbalances,
   ~ Digestive and bowel problems.

Through this approach, that does not make use of artificial chemicals, it can drastically help improve many aspects of the source of your dis-ease.
This includes relieving conditions that affect the following, to name a few:
   ~ Skin,
   ~ Joints,
   ~ Digestion and bowel function,
   ~ Mood and fatigue,
   ~ Women's health issues such as: PMT, menopause and many other chronic
       health issues.

"The greatest wealth, is health."

Contact us today if you'd like to give your health a boost.

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